Webmaster:Stacy Wade Harris II
Wade Harris
P.O. Box 92
Southern Pride Racing
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Some of the trophies
These photos were taken at some of the tracks the car is raced,Wayne County Speedway, King's Speedway near Henderson,N.C. and Schloss Speedway near Lousburg,N.C.
As I'm sure you can imagine,it is very expensive to race cars.We are committed to advancing the Colors of the Confederacy in this area.We are in need of sponsors,so if you would be interested in sponsoring this car please contact"

Wade Harris
P.O. Box 92
Webmaster:Stacy Wade Harris II
Crew Chief:
Wade Harris
May 5th 1934 -
March 24th 2009
Charles Harris
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#69 at Schloss
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Webshots photo album of Racing and Confederate photos
Wade Harris and Charles Harris with #69 at Wayne County Speedway
Checkered flag at Wayne County 5-18-02
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